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Oxbow Jail

in Utah Bail Bonds

Oxbow Jail

3148 S 1100 W
Salt Lake City, UT 84119
(801) 974-7700

The Oxbow Jail is now open.  The Salt Lake County Oxbow Jail was reopened to help relieve the overcrowding issues at the main county jail.  As the county grows and the population increases there will continually be a need for more jail space.  The reopening of the Oxbow Jail will free up 186 bed spaces at the main Salt Lake Jail.

The opening of the Oxbow Jail  also gives the county an opportunity to expand treatment and rehabilitation programs designed to reduce the number of repeat offenders, which could help the county’s bottom line. Salt Lake County Chief Administrative Officer Doug Wilmore says criminal justice programs account for two-thirds of the county’s budget.

“I just don’t think citizens want to continue to pay that tab,” Wilmore says. “And so, again, that’s the neat thing about Oxbow. It’s a direct, full-frontal attempt to start to address those needed changes in the system to try to get people out and keep them out.”

All of the inmates at Oxbow will be minimum-security prisoners enrolled in treatment and prevention programs, such as drug and alcohol addiction counseling, job training or the jail’s unique horticulture program.

Here is a map to the oxbow jail.

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