Weber GOP Chair disinforms State Central Committee 6/14/08

in Salt Lake City Arrest and Bail Bond News

Utah GOP State Central Committee Meeting 6/14/08. Discussion against resolution calling to drop a trespassing infraction charge against Mike Ridgway who attended a public GOP meeting and was arrested for his attendance and no other reason. Matthew Bell, one of several speakers to speak out against a resolution proposed to drop the trespassing infraction charge against political activist, Mike Ridgway, who attempted to attend a Salt Lake County GOP Executive Committee meeting on 3/7/2007. Mike was arrested on false charges, based upon false written evidence presented by one or more members present at that meeting. All charges were later dropped when city prosecutors discovered they had been lied to with false information. Unfortunately for Mike, it took 5 days in jail to gather that proof, whereupon all charges were dismissed. GOP leaders were so disgusted with this they forced prosecutors to reinstate Class B trespassing charges, as they wanted to “teach Mike a lesson”. 16 months later, the case has been reduced to a mere infraction where Mike will no longer be allowed the opportunity for a jury trial as there is no possibility of being convicted with jail time. Do the GOP state party leaders have the authority to recommend charges for trespassing be dropped? Well… Mike failed to succumb to witness tampering when GOP leader Vice Chair(Todd Weiler) wanted “something” in return before the GOP would consider dropping the charge. Mike and has steadfastly maintained his 100
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