We Win Some And We Lose Some

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It’s not every day we come across someone actually dumb enough to pull a weapon but when it does happen it’s a sobering reminder of how quick shit can go south. It only takes a finger on a trigger and a little presser to end it all. I doubt most people even had a chance to react before it was lights out forever. I made the mistake of not taking my DVR sunglasses with me on this one and because of that there is a career criminal sitting on his couch tonight getting drunk and enjoying the fact that cops will only arrest him if he pulls that trigger. It’s a joke and I’m pissed but that’s life and I’m still alive so there you have it…
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Christopher Bollyn speaks at Constitution Celebration in Salt Lake City, Utah. Sponsored by the Constitution Coalition of Utah. Christopher Bollyn talks about 9/11 – September 11th and research done by Steven Jones. Christopher Bollyn telling about the voting process in France that he witnessed, where they count ballots at the precinct level, where anyone and all who wish can be witness to this counting, rather than haul all of the ballots off to a central place to be counted by a few “trusted” officials. Christopher Bollyn, former investigative reporter for American Free Press. “People need to be very concerned about this mans’ whereabouts. He has been kidnapped and A LOT of shills out there don’t want anyone focusing on that. He was thee best investigator of 9/11 and hence they made him disappear and now all the zionist shills out there either say he isn’t or ignore this fact. We need to be VERY CONCERNED and speak out about his disappearance.” www.prothink.org
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