Walter Bond aka “Lone Wolf” arrested.

in Salt Lake City Arrest and Bail Bond News

Just in: Mail address for Walter Bond, accused ALF “Lone Wolf”. Write to Walter Bond with letters of support at: Walter Edmund Bond PO Box 16700 Golden, CO 80402-6700 Mail restrictions at the link below: Video file date: July 23rd, 2010 KDVR Denver. FBI Makes Arrest in ALF “Lone Wolf” Arsons Informant used in arrest of Walter Bond for “ALF Lone Wolf” arsons News is emerging, but the FBI has arrested a man in connection with the ALF arson at Sheepskin Factory in Denver, Colorado. Walter Bond, 34, was arrested by federal agents Thursday. The FBI alleges Bond admitted to an informant to setting two additional fires – one at Tandy Leather Factory, the other at Tiburon (foie gras restaurant), both in Utah. In anonymous communiques, “ALF Lone Wolf” took credit. For the full story please see:
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