Theodore Robert Bundy was studying psychology in Seattle when his first known victim disappeared out of her bedroom. All of the girls he took had long hair, parted in the middle. He also built up a profile for taking women with above average intelligence, coming from happy families who were in distress at the time of his attack. He would approach these potential victims wearing a cast and giving him the appearance of being weak and vulnerable so that the girls would not feel threatened. After this, he would ask her to help him carry his books or packages (sometimes a briefcase) due to the difficulty of being crippled. When they were alone, however, he would knock them on the head with a crowbar he kept in his car (a VW bug). Bundy went to law school in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he murdered the daughter of a detective on October 21, 1974. More murders followed, almost identical to the ones prior in Colorado. It seemed that wherever Bundy went, devastation seemed to follow. On August 16, 1975, a police officer noticed his car in a residential area. Curious, he pulled up behind it in hopes of learning who the suspicious driver was. Bundy panicked, however, after seeing the red and blue lights, speeding in an attempt to be rid the officer. Eventually, after a long chase, he pulled over, attempting to keep his cool. He had on his person the infamous crowbar, a pantyhose mask, handcuffs, and stockings. He was arrested for possession of burglary tools but apparently both his

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