Taylor Swift Crazy Fan Arrest

in Salt Lake City Arrest and Bail Bond News

We wanted to spice up the ooncert a little bit (and she is dang hot) so BJ decided to join her on stage and share his feelings to her. His words where “I love you Taylor!!!”

On June 12th 2010 in Springville Utah, I protested for the reform of marijuana laws by holding a sign at Art City Days parade that says “legalize it”. I was peaceful, and within my constitutional rights. But the police arrested me, put me in jail, and broke my 00 camera. I hired the director of the ACLU Andrew McCollough to represent me. On July 20th 2010 a little more than a month after I got arrested for “use of streets” (without a permit). The law in Springville that required protesters to obtain a permit, authorized by the City Council was abolished in Springville. They also dropped my charge of “use of streets”. Now, no one in Springville Utah will ever get a fine or a criminal charge of “use of streets” for protesting. That law that has been on the books for over 9 years was abolished directly due to my tenacity to fight for our freedom and to fight for the strength and sovereignty of our constitution. Don’t let the Goliath’s of the world hold you down. They may seem big and powerful, and able to do so much more than you. But this county is made of “we the people, for the people and by the people”. Government works for us, not the other way around! Please see my video playlist of how this event unfolded. www.widgetbox.com The police arrested in relationship to this code 8-4-108. Which says: “It shall be unlawful for any person or persons to congregate about or upon any street, sidewalk, stairway, doorway, window or in front of any business or dwelling house

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