Salt Lake City Fight on State Street

in Salt Lake City Arrest and Bail Bond News

A guy hits a girl in the face and the fight is on!!! This happened last night near Liberty Park on Pioneer’s Day – a huge celebration in Salt Lake City. No one was killed and no one was arrested.

www.TULSATRUTH.ORG Student charged in Logan scare http 7 News Boston Sunday, Aug 3, 2008 A college student was in court Thursday after he caused a 3 hour delay on a Delta flight by slapping a 9/11 conspiracy sticker in the bathroom before running off the plane just before takeoff Wednesday. Jason Robo, 26, a Worcester native who now attends college in California, was boarding flight 1165 to Salt Lake City at, Utah at Boston’s Logan Airport when multiple passengers observed that Robo was behaving nervously. Witnesses said that Robo left his seat and entered the plane’s lavatory. When a flight attendant entered the lavatory upon Robo’s exit, she found an adhesive address label that read, “9/11 was an Inside Job!” affixed to the sink area. The flight attendant also found a second sticker on the fold-down tray near his seat and informed the pilot. That is when Robo ran off the plane after telling another flight attendant, “I have to get off this plane right now.” Massachusetts State Police responded to the scene, and after a short investigation, captured Robo at the baggage claim. Police searched his bag and located many other stickers. He told police that they were a joke. The plane was evacuated and was not cleared for takeoff until approximately three hours after its scheduled departure. Robo was charged with interfering with aircraft operation, disorderly conduct and disorderly conduct on a public conveyance. He was arraigned in East Boston District Court

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