Prop 8 Trial Re-enactment, Day 3 Chapter 1 (re-edit)

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Day 3 Chapter 1 of the Proposition 8 Trial Re-enactment presented by Produced by John Ainsworth & John Ireland. Edited by Michael Legge. THE JUDGE Vaughn Walker, Chief Judge, US District Court portrayed by Ted Heyck THE PLAINTIFFS Paul Katami portrayed by Woody Schultz Jeffrey Zarrillo portrayed by Bryan Cuprill Kristin Perry portrayed by Kitty Swink Sandy Stier portrayed by Tess Harper THE PLAINTIFF ATTORNEYS David Boies portrayed by Jack Laufer Theodore Olson portrayed by Clyde FT Small Theodore Boutrous portrayed by Peter Cassone Christopher Dusseault portrayed by Jon Keel Matthew McGill portrayed by Mark Doerr Ethan Dettmer portrayed by Shawn Ryan THE PLAINTIFF-INTERVENOR ATTORNEYS Dennis Herrera, SF City Attorney portrayed by Matt Pittenger Therese Stewart, SF Deputy City Attorney portrayed by Sarah Gaboury Christine Van Aken, SF City Attorney Portayed by Kate McNeil Danny Chou, SF City Attorney portrayed by Peter James Smith SF City Attorney Ronald Flynn portrayed by Todd Waring THE DEFENDANTS Arnold Schwarzenegger, California Governor Does not appear at trial. Edmund G. Brown, California Attorney General Does not appear at trial. Linette Scott, Deputy Director of Health & Strategic Planning for the California Department of Public Health Does not appear at trial. Patrick OConnell, Clerk-Recorder County of Alameda Does not appear at trial. Dean Logan, Clerk-Recorder County of Los Angeles Does not appear at trial. THE DEFENDANT ATTORNEY Tamar
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Author, filmmaker, and screenwriter Jennifer Jordan visits Google’s Mountain View, CA headquarters to discuss “Women of K2″ which she wrote and produced for the National Geographic Channel. This event took place on November 12, 2008.
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