Keith Stoney, Utah Ex cop and Judge, Domestic Violence

in Salt Lake City Arrest and Bail Bond News

“Judge accused of domestic violence uses connections to get away with it.”Circuit Court Judge Keith Stoney was fired by the State of Utah when it surfaced that the police had been called to his home multiple times for Domestic Violence. Notice he says he NEVER beat his wives, in fact they beat HIM with brooms. It is outrageous and unbelievable. He was investigated in 1987 by DCFS for abusing his children and got away with that by using his contacts in law enforcement. He has taught at the police academy for decades. His wives and children called the police only to have them respond and greet with affection the very man who had violently laid his hands on them. In 2003 after his own son was arrested for assault and battery. His son had been in trouble many previous times in which Judge Stoney became involved. The Judge attempted to use his contacts to have his son released from any consequences. This time his son’s arrest resulted in charges. He has done this multiple times. In 2004 he used his contacts to get a stepdaughter out of serious drug related trouble. In 1993 his own minor daughter called the police to say he was beating her and instead he had her charged as a runaway. Today he is one of the highest paid judges in West Valley City UT. He hears domestic violence cases all of the time. He is a high ranking and well respected Mormon as well. As if his position wasn’t egregious enough, Judge Stoney is frequently hired to speak across the country as a “Domestic

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