I’m In Love With A Jonas Chapter 9

in Salt Lake City Arrest and Bail Bond News

Nick: Hey Angie Angie: It was Jason Nick: What? Angie: He covered my mouth and then threw my on the floor and my head opened and then i fell in the water Nick: Its okay(i hug her then Jason walks in) Jason: ANGELA! Angie:(i see her press the nurse button) Jason: U bitch!(He is choking her literlly and i punch him and then Joe holds him) Police: Step a side son(they arrest Jason) The next couple of days we are all fine and then we leave to Utah for 2 more concerts! On the tour bus We are in our 10h hour of driving from California to Utah.. THe last hour.We past signs that say You are now in Utah! KEvin and Patty are at the table talking to Frankie. Joe and Cindy are on the couch on the side of the bus talking to mom and dad. Angie and I are here in the back lounge watching Boy Meets World Reruns. She is resting her head on me and I am playing an acustic version of Cant Have you. Angie:(breaks the silence of my voice sining the song) Baby? Nick: yeah Angie: WHere are we going after this? Nick: I dont know MOm? Mrs.Jonas: Yeas Nick Nick: Umh after this where are we going? Mrs.Jonas: TO our hotel Nick:(duhh!) Like where? Mr.Jonas: Denise Just tell them! Kevin: tell us what OH No your not pregnant! Frankie:(starts to cry and he runs to me) Nick:(I hug him and so does Angie) Mrs.Jonas: WE ARE GOING TO TIME SQUARE Everyone yells and are happy and big rob wakes up from his sleep Big ROb: HUH WHAT STEP bACK! Nick: Its okay we are xcited we are going to New York! Big Rob: OKay

on da hoe strip lookin for hookers.lol

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