Cardiac Arrest by Pariah Poetic. Album: Of Nature Todd Jensen: Guitar, vocals Clayton Godby: drums Kyle James McCann: Warr Guitar The American Red Cross celebrated American Red Cross day with the passage of House Bill 31. The bill allows regular citizens to use CPR or an AED in an emergency to help save a life without worrying about litigation. The American Red Cross still recommends citizens getting certified in CPR. Salt Lake City school children were given a gift that could save a life. The school was given a free portable defibrillator (AED) by Cintas Corporation. The AED will now be a permanent fixture in the school. Every year 325000 people die from sudden cardiac arrest before paramedics can arrive. AEDs are one of the best ways to improve survival rates. School teachers and staff will all receive training on how to use the AEDs from Cintas. Cintas has provided AED grants to schools as well as police units.

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